Supernatural, Comedy, Mystery, Seinen, Drama, Action,

Yumekui Merry

AKA: dream-eater-merry 228182193612356125131252212540 3913522818327732980233673 364836173629361936373656-3609363335853621365636343613363336093619365736343618 merry-the-dream-demon 10551086107810801088107210901077108311001085108010941072-1089108510861074-10521077108810881080 merry-039la-atrapa-pesadillas039 3913526790327732959521033 yume-kui-merry sapn371-demon279-meri merry-nightmare-german sapn371-valgytoja-meri
Released: 2008
Author: USHIKI Yoshitaka
Yumekui Merry

Yumeji has the power to forecast a person's dream based on the multicolored auras that surround them when he looks through his fingers. His skills are unpolished, but when he sees a black aura, he knows for certain what that person will see that night, a nightmare. Yumeji has been having nightmares himself recently, where he is chased endlessly by an army of cats until he awakens. But when a strange girl named Merry literally falls into his life, his experience with dreams becomes bizarre and dangerous when he vows to help Merry return to the world of dreams from whence she came.


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