Shounen, Comedy, Slice of Life, School Life, Harem, Gender Bender,

Kunisaki Izumo no Jijou

AKA: 10501091108510801089107210821080-10481079109110841086 22269238222098620113303402010724773 the-circumstances-of-izumo-kunisaki 358836343610364135853636364936173609-3626362336183649358536193656359136493615360936483585363636093619365736293618 222692382220986201133672620107 an-untold-fact-about-izumo-kunisaki 22283238222098638642123982010724773
Released: 2009
Author: HIRAKAWA Aya
Kunisaki Izumo no Jijou

Izumo Kunisaki, a descendant of Izumo no Okuni, is often mistaken for a girl. It is the bane of his existence. His father and best-friend often laugh about it. To top it off, he plays the girl roles in his family's Kabuki troupe. In this short, he discovers that that curse is also his greatest source of strength and will prove just how much of a man he is.


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