Supernatural, Shounen, Comedy, Mystery, Psychological, Mature, Ecchi,

Psychometrer Eiji

AKA: tha769m-t432777-eiji 248632421223569241803846339537 eiji 24863242122356924180-eiji psychometre-eiji psychometer-eiji 12469124521246712513124881252112540eiji 493245106053076-477005394447084-5064051648 psychometrist-eiji
Released: 1996
Author: ANDO Yuma
Psychometrer Eiji

Eiji is a teenager who's rough and rude and loves to fight. However, Eiji has a strange power; when he comes in contact with certain objects, he can see people's memories from within the objects themselves. When he finds himself involved in a dark murder case, he assists a beautiful young profiler to find the murderer. Afterwards, she continues to ask for his assistance in more complicated investigations. A detective manga with intriguing and complicated cases and a variety of characters from the complex to the caricature. Caution: This manga contains vulgar words and violent imagery and scenes. Mature audiences only.


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