Seinen, Adventure, Drama, Historical, Action, Martial Arts,

The Ravages of Time

AKA: 28779401792913421407 36273591362636343592362936173619363435943633360936183660 19977222692453532676385962025328779401792913421407 kahou-ryougen h7887a-ph7909ng-liecircu-nguyecircn sangokushi-gunyuuden-kahou-ryougen sanguozhi-qunxiongzhuan-huo-feng-liao-yuan huo-feng-liao-yuan
Released: 2001
Author: Chen Mou
The Ravages of Time

Nearly 2000 years ago, the prosperous Han dynasty of China collapsed. Heroes rose and fell, and three nations emerged--Wei, Shu, and Wu. Historians refer to this period as the Three Kingdoms period. The romance of the three kingdoms is an intriguing tale of heroic deeds, of alliance forged and broken, of loyalty and betrayal. Hong Kong artist Chan Mou retells this classic tale in "The Ravages of Time" from the perspective of the Sima clan, which in the end united the three kingdoms. Readers will be attracted by an array of well-developed characters and Chan Mou's own unique top-notch art-style.


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