Supernatural, Shounen, Tragedy, Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Drama, Action,


AKA: d.-grayman d-gureiman d-grayman dmiddot26684386472356924180 36043637.36483585361936183660-364936173609 46356-44536471125106047592 124871245112540125391246412524124521251012531 4635644536471125106047592 d-gureiman d 39537397642356924180 d.-gray-man d299-gureiman d 1043108811011081-108410771085 d.gray-man
Released: 2004
Author: HOSHINO Katsura

Set in a fictional 19th century England, D.Gray-man is the story of Allen Walker, a 15-year-old boy who roams the earth in search of Innocence. Washed away to unknown parts of the world after the Great Flood, Innocence is the mysterious substance used to create weapons that obliterate demons known as akuma.


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