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AKA: noragami-stray-god stray-gods 27969280103107024046 v7883-th7847n-lang-thang 104110771079107610861084108510991081-107310861075 noragami-ba351305bo351-tanr305 104110771079107610861084108510991081-104110861075 12494125211246012511 36503609361936343591363436173636-364836073623360436343586363435923619 373263339131070
Released: 2010
Author: ADACHI Toka

Yato is a minor god whose dream is to have a lot of followers worshiping him and praying to him. Unfortunately, his dream is far from coming true since he doesn't even have a single shrine dedicated to him. To make things worse, the only partner he had to help him solve people's problems, had just quit the job. His godly existence and luck just might change after he stumbles upon Iki Hiyori and saves her lifeĀ—a feat which also leaves her in quite a predicament as she is stuck with him until her problem gets resolved. Together with Hiyori and his new partner/weapon Yukine, Yato will do everything he can to gain fame, recognition and just maybe, one shrine dedicated to him.


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