Supernatural, Romance, Mystery, Adventure, Drama, Historical, Josei, Gender Bender,

Lega no 13

AKA: 13 lega13
Released: 2007
Author: YAMAZAKI Takako
Lega no 13

From Aerandria Scans: Venice, the latter half of the 16th century. Young Legare works as an apprentice to his father, an apothecary, but his real passion is the forbidden art of Alchemy. One day, a fortune teller predicts that he will meet four people with the power to change destiny and shortly after, his father is incarcerated on suspicion of alchemy. Legare, the real alchemist, is forced to produce gold for the person who arrested his father. Follow him through the mysteries of Venice, through his struggles, his encounters with powerful friends and enemies, and his search for the Philosopher's Stone.

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