Shoujo, Comedy, Romance, School Life,

Takane to Hana

AKA: takane-amp-hana takana-and-hana
Released: 2015
Author: SHIWASU Yuki
Takane to Hana

Hana is a high schooler who ends up replacing her big sister at a marriage interview. Little does she expect that the potential groom, a handsome 26-year-old businessman named Takane, immediately insults her and calls her a gold digger! Furious, Hana throws her wig in his face and leaves. Against all odds the two end up going on dates on a regular basis. Takane is a rich kid who's much more immature and inexperienced than his good looks and flashy manners suggest, so they find it easy to forget that their ages are ten years apart. But how will these two ever find love when they're so busy teasing each other? Note: The title is a pun on the main character's names (Takane and Hana) and the phrase "takane no hana " (lit. flower on a high cliff; meaning something unreachable, out of your league).


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