Shounen, Comedy, Ecchi,

God Does Not Play Dice

AKA: kami-wa-saikoro-wo-furanai kami-ha-saikoro-wo-furanai god-does-not-play-dice
Released: 2009
Author: TAKEUCHI Motoki
God Does Not Play Dice

Shimei Kanau is a 23-year-old high-school teacher who is really really small. Small enough to be easily mistaken as a grade school kid. One day, when she was cleaning her father's old school office with her perverted class rep, she finds a nude robot. From the robot, she learns that when she was a kid, his father made a wish to an ancient item, "Caramel Dice," to stop her from growing in order prevent Kanau from marrying another guy. Can Kanau collect all the "Caramel Dice" to undo her father's wish and get back her "real" body?

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