Fantasy, Romance, Yaoi, Gender Bender,

Sweet Blood (KIM Se-Young)

AKA: sweet-blood-kim-se-young
Released: 2011
Author: KIM Se-Young
Sweet Blood (KIM Se-Young)

Suho is a high school student normal... But he leads a difficult life, because his parents aren't interested in him. Furthermore, after a strange dream, he woke up with mysterious injuries on the neck and wrist. Elsewhere, the king of Southern Fantasy World is facing a serious problem: lack of blood, the lack of which causes a drastic reduction of his fighting power. He must find humans and take their blood. Therefore, his servant and his dragon are looking for a human to satisfy their master. They end up meeting Suho, whose blood is particularly sweet. When the dragon asks him to follow them, Suho accepts to escape to his miserable life. But there's a problem: the king hates boys. The dragon suggests dressing up in girl to Suho, hoping the king doesn't notice. Web Publication English Publication

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