Comedy, Romance, School Life, Drama, Yaoi,


AKA: aishichatta-no
Released: 2002
Author: HOSHINO Lily

1) Two boys stay at the same dorm and seem to be fighting every day... but do they really dislike each other? 2) A boy refuses his kohai's confession saying he only goes out with experienced people. But somehow he still cannot resist... 3) The new in-game at class is chocolate roulette - including chocolate which has the effect of aphrodisiac and whoever draws it, gets to sleep with the popular boy. Same story, Mix Mix Chocolate chapter 1. 4) A very popular student uses his classmate to evade his a clingly girl by telling her "This is the person I like!" 5) At a school festival, a boy is embarrassed because the guy he shares a secret memory with is hosting the show that puts him up for an auction - whoever bids highest gets to spend the day with him. 6) (Shotacon) A tedious rich boy relieves his boredom by playing with his servant. 7) A student was practicing the piano when all the sudden he gets kissed and blindfolded...


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